Wedding civil partnership picQ. I’d like to be married at St Mark’s. How do I go about it?

A.. Please get in touch with the Parish Office: telephone 905-468-3123; or email:  The Parish Administrator will check the date and time you wish to be married and send you forms to complete. Once we receive the forms back, and they are approved by the Rector, a deposit will be requested.  Once paid, this will reserve the date and time of the wedding.

Q. We are not Anglican. Is that a problem? Can we still be married at St. Mark’s?

A. Providing at least one of the couple is Christian, then, yes, you can be married here.

Q. We do not live in Canada. Does that make a difference?

A. Generally no, it does not matter. You must, however, obtain a marriage licence for the Province of Ontario. Due to border security, couples may encounter problems with Customs when returning home.  It is not likely that this will happen but, if you are concerned, you can have a “civil ceremony” in your home country.  Your church ceremony here, for the benefit of your guests, will be the same as any other.

Q. We would like to have our marriage at another location (e.g. Queen’s Landing, the Park, etc). Can we do that?

A. The Rector does not normally conduct wedding ceremonies “off site”.  This is for a variety of reasons, the main ones being:

i.   marriage is a Holy ceremony and should be conducted in the Church;
ii.  logistics preclude taking the ceremony elsewhere;
iii. often there are many disruptions at a “public” venue that distract from the solemn ceremony (tourists walking around taking pictures etc).

Q. Can I be married at St. Mark’s on a Sunday?

A. No, we do not perform weddings on Sundays at all ~ no exceptions.

st-marks-hallQ. What is the cost of a wedding at St. Mark’s?

A. The fee is calculated according to what elements you wish to include in your special day: the services of the Rector are essential, of course; you will want to consult with our Organist (e.g. if, in addition to organ music, you wish to engage a vocalist or string quartet, this can be arranged through our Organist); the Altar Guild will help with your flower arrangements; the church bells can be rung following the service.  Your fee includes use of Addison Hall for washroom facilities and as a waiting area for the Bridal Party.

Q. How many people will the church accommodate?

A. 225 comfortably.

Q. Is there parking on the premises?

A. There is no parking within the gates. Parking is on the street.  Vehicles are allowed to drive in to drop off the wedding party and to pick them up after the ceremony but these vehicles cannot remain on the property while the wedding service is taking place.