St. Mark’s has a rich, historic past, dating back to 1790, when two residents wrote to Bishop Inglis of Nova Scotia requesting that a clergyman be sent to minister to the residents of the new village.

NOTL historyThe following year, the Reverend Robert Addison was commissioned as missionary and minister at Niagara. The Church and indeed the whole Diocese of Niagara owe their origins to his pioneer work.

Throughout their long and colorful history across four centuries, the people of St. Mark’s have remained true to their calling. They have worked together to sustain and enhance their buildings and property. They have worshiped together in times of stress and in times of celebration.

If Robert Addison were to return today, he might at first find the words and music of the service falling strangely on his ears. Once accustomed to the newness of the language, however, he would find that this people have remained true to their calling to proclaim the gospel to a different, but equally needy world.

You can find details in this section about the Addison Library, the work of the Archives Committee, our historic church windows,  the cemetery, rectory, the war of 1812 and more.