St Mark’s, Niagara-on-the-Lake, is a unique venue for your wedding that offers a host of benefits that are of value to couples searching for a church wedding in a beautiful and historic venue in the Niagara region.

For those couples who seek to have a spiritual dimension to their marrage, a wedding at St Mark’s allows the bride and groom to look to God to bless, help and guide their marriage. Child shot

You can make vows, or promises in the St Mark’s church, which will help you to stay together and grow together. God and your church are there for you to help you keep your vows.

The Rector has a very particular role to play in your wedding, blending tradition and modern experience to reflect the life of the bride and groom and make the cermony personal, memorable, meaningful and beautiful.

St Mark’s Church is historic and beautiful and provides the ideal wedding venues. You can feel you’re becoming part of history itself.

You can be involved in personalising your ceremony and involving the bridesmaids, groomsmen, family and friends with help from the St Mark’s wedding planner.

Churches provide a special peace and serenity that makes marrying there a particularly special experience.

We look forward to helping you organise your perfect wedding at St Mark’s. Please contact our wedding planner now!